New Ardbeg Release: Galileo

After a few rumours it seems that the new Ardbeg expression Galileo has been confirmed by the Dutch wing of LVMH the parent company that owns Ardbeg. In October 2011 Ardbeg became the first whisky to be shot into space as part of a scientific experiment to see if zero gravity would have any effect on the maturation of spirit in oak. In celebration of this they have seen fit to release a new expression called Galileo. It will be released on (or around) 1st September and is believed to be a vintage bottling that was distilled in 1999 and bottled in 2012 after a short time finished in a Marsala cask. A dated expression breaks the recent run of Non Age Statement whiskies released by Ardbeg (Alligator, Corryvrekan, Uigeadail etc.). Online speculation that the release may contain small parts of the space-matured liquid are unfounded as the experiment will last at least two years. No prices as yet but believed to retail around £60-£70. Also no clues as to how limited this expression will be.


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  1. Andrew says:

    For the latest on the Ardbeg Galileo launch go to

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