Balcones Distillery

We have a very soft spot for Balcones Distillery. It’s a bit like a crush really. We’ve always loved their products. Baby Blue and True Blue are incredible drinks and we’ve converted many people after they’ve sampled them. (1) We spoke to Chip Tate and Allison Patel (2) at WhiskyLive in London earlier on in the year and after hearing their enthusiasm and passion, we got to sample both Brimstone (which is one of the most amazing smoky drinks experiences we’ve sampled) and Rumble (which is a drink in a category by itself). We so love the fact that Balcones built the distillery themselves. They actually made the stills by hand! OMG! That is so, so cool. We love the huge attention to detail. We love the story that Chip actually samples each and every cask in storage every 3 months. The problem is that getting hold of this stuff (especially recently) has been really, really hard. But we’ve been told to expect a re-launch in the UK soon. In the meantime here is a link to a rather great article about Balcones. We highly (3) suggest you have a look.


(1) True Blue is the cask strength and extra ageing version of Baby Blue. It is an American Corn Whiskey but is highly unique in that it uses the Hopi Corn variety that is native to Texas (Balcones are situated in Waco, Texas) and Mexico.

(2) Allison, amongst many other things, writes a fantastic blog called Miss Whisky. It’s really worth reading.

(3) It’s rare you’ll ever see italics in any of our posts – this means you should do it.


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