Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2013

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible is out now. Every year Jim slurps his way through lots of drams from around the world, tasting and evaluating each and every one. This year he’s managed to sup 1,350 new whiskies to include in his guide. The tenth edition of the guide now boasts over 4,500 whiskies tasted. That’s a lot. Last year the Old Pulteney 21 year old managed to take the crown. So who has won this year?


Well the title goes to Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye with William Larue Weller coming second and Ballantine’s 17 Year Old third. A one-two for Buffalo Trace. Strangely enough these three whiskies were all in the top three in 2011! So a little disappointing for those who hoped for something new to break through. However, there’s plenty more surprises in the book, especially the rapidly expanding sections on the American micro-distillers and whisky from Europe and around the world. Happy reading!


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