Whisky News.

This months whisky news, gathered and rounded up from the web over the last weeks, is mainly about distilleries being built, being expanded or being planned and some new bottles and some new companies too.

First up is news of former Cooley Managing Director John Teeling’s new venture. Cooley sold their business to Beam at the very start of this year and it was pretty much assumed that they would return to Irish whiskey in some form. The first release from the Teeling Whiskey Company is Hybrid which claims to create a new whiskey category by fusing both Scottish (from Bruichladdich) and Irish single malts together. Interestingly Bruichladdich released this the first time round under the banner of the Celtic Nations, which irked the Scottish Whisky Association somewhat over the phrase Celtic Blended Malt. I think they banned it. They usually do. Anyway, Hybrid contains 10 year old Bruichladdich and single malt from Cooley that has been married together for 8 years and is limited to 1,200 bottles. Around €50 a bottle. More information here.

Next up, as part of Diageo’s plans to expand their malt output they have announced that they are planning to double the size of their Glen Ord distillery. A planning application has been made to the council to add a further ten washbacks, six new stills and a mash tub to join the existing equipment.

Talking of applications, the proposed Kingsbarn distillery just outside of St Andrews has successfully received over £500,000 from the Scottish government to help aid the building of the distillery. Securing the grant means that they can investment from the private sector and work should start on the distillery in 2013.

Work continues at the London Distillery Company.  Check out their facebook page to see all the recent photographs of the continuing work. Meanwhile, they plan to sell off the first 109 casks (109 years between the last London whisky distillery and their one) for the Movember charity. The 20l casks have been donated from Chip Tate at Balcones (how very kind), each one will be individually numbered and have it’s own unique moustache carved into the end. Casks cost £405 ex VAT and then there will be all that tax and duty stuff to pay on top afterwards. They’ll let you store it at their warehouse for 3 years too. Dr Jim Swan is involved to ensure that the spirit will mature perfectly over 36 months in these tiny casks. Plus half the cask cost will be going to the Movember charity. That’s a win all round. Contact the distillery for more information.

Finally Balvenie have launched a couple of new releases. The 17 year old double wood joins the core range and exclusive to travel retail is the new Triple Cask matured in first fill Bourbon, refill Bourbon and Sherry casks. With 12, 16 and 25 year old expressions available.


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