Talisker Storm

It’s been a while since we had a new release from Talisker. This is the first of a couple we’ll probably be seeing this year. Described as smokier and spicier than any previous Talisker release but still reflecting the nature of the distillery’s character with a “deeper intensity”. Continuing in the way many single malts are now marketing and re-branding their releases it’s a non-age statement whisky. It’s constructed from both older mature casks and some much younger.


From Master blender Dr Jim Beveridge:

“We sought out some mature Talisker, enriched and mellowed by time spent in carefully rejuvenated casks, and brought that together with some very fresh distillery character preserved by maturation in refill casks,” he said. “The result is Talisker’s unique distillery character delivered by aged, mature whiskies, integrated in one vibrant dram.” (1)

At standard Talikser 45.8% a.b.v., it’s available online from around £40. (2)


Also on the way will be Talisker Port Ruhige. A Talisker finished in a Port cask and also released at the favoured 45.8% (3).

Further info:


Information source.

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Picture source.

Talisker Storm: http://www.whiskynews.de/archives/3009

Talisker Port Ruhige: http://www.lfw.co.uk/whiskyblog/2013/02/07/coming-soon-talisker-storm-talisker-port-ruighe/


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