Easter Whisky Quiz

Happy Easter. If you’re lucky enough to have a few days off over this time and the prospect of going outside is low then here’s a little whisky quiz for Easter! Some fairly easy questions, some a bit tougher. I’ll try and get round to doing one each month if people enjoy it. It’s only for fun as it’s obvious anyone could look up the answers on that internet! I’ll post the answers here (as a comment) later this month but feel free to add your own answers on the comments below.


Here we go!

1) What is the name of Suntory’s grain distillery?

2) Not all American whiskeys spell whiskey with an “e”. Name one brand that spells it “whisky”.

3) In which Scottish region would you find Glenburgie distillery?

4) How many Scottish distilleries currently triple distil. Can you name them?

5) Ardmore is the principle whisky in which blend?

6) What is Scotland’s smallest distillery?

7) Which is Ireland’s oldest distillery?

8) Name the peatiest whisky in the world. And how peaty is it?

9) Which distillery is powered by a water wheel?

10) Which distillery was destroyed by lightning (and subsequent fire) in November 1996?

11) Charles Doig is responsible for what distillery feature?

12) What is the capacity of a hogshead cask?

13) Which whisky famously shot a sample into space in 2012?

14) In which country would you find the Mackmyra distillery?

15) Which distillery started distilling on Christmas Day?

16) There are two operational distilleries on Orkney. Name them.

17) What are the ingredients of a Whisky Mac?

18) It is known as “new make” in Scotland but what do the American’s call it?

19) Which island is Talisker on?

20) In Scotland, what A.B.V. strength is whisky usually filled in the barrel?

21) Which city boasts the world’s oldest football team?



0 : Come on, you could have guessed at least one of them correct!

1-5 : You probably enjoy a drink but you’re not up to speed on whisky facts yet. This is no bad thing at all. Best have an “educational” dram then.

6-10 : Good knowledge. You’re obviously a keen whisky fan, you like a dram but you’re not yet obsessive about whisky. You’re at the crossroads, one might say. It’s a dangerous place to be though. Best have a dram to steady your nerves.

11-15 : We know which road you took at the crossroads then. You’ve travelled down that whisky path and you’re well on your way for it becoming a little hobby (or obsession – depends on who’s talking!). You keep informed of new releases and genuinely love whisky. Well done! Best have a dram to celebrate!

16-20: Hmm it’s safe to say that you have become a whisky nerd. You’ve probably got a sizeable collection at home and could tell everyone about the peat specifications of Ardbeg. Or you sell whisky for a living. Same thing really! Best pour another one.

21+ You’re probably considering getting an Alfred Barnard tattoo. Best crack open that 1975 Ardbeg then…


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One Response to Easter Whisky Quiz

  1. 1) Chita (2 POINTS – as that was a hard one to start off with – if you got it you probably read http://nonjatta.blogspot.co.uk/)
    2) Makers Mark and Balcones both use the “whisky” spelling. There’s probably a few more, feel free to add them to comments. (1 POINT ONLY)
    3) Speyside. (1 POINT)
    4) Three. Auchentoshan triple distil 100% of the time. Springbank do for their Hazelburn bottling and Benriach knock out some triple distilled stuff under the “Horizons” label. Other distilleries may claim to partial triple distil due to their odd distilling regimes – perhaps Mortlach with the “Wee-Witchie” still but as far as I’m aware it’s just these three. (1 POINT EACH – 3 POINTS MAX)
    5) That will be Teachers (1 POINT)
    6) Edradour claim to be (capacity 90,000 litres) but both Daftmill (65,000 litres) and Abhain Dearg (20,000 litres) have smaller production capacity acording to the Malt Whisky Yearbook. (1 POINT FOR EDRADOUR, 2 POINTS FOR ABHAIN DEARG, 0 POINTS IF YOU PARAPHRASED THE ABOVE – YOU DON’T NEED THE POINTS!!)
    7) An issue of much contention. The best analysis of this is in Jim Murray’s book on Irish Whiskey – now sadly out of print and in need of an update. It’s not Bushmills (they claim a license to distil in 1608 but the distillery was actually built in 1784 or thereabouts). Also other areas were given licenses to distil around that time. Kilbeggan is the answer having been built in 1757. (0 POINTS BUSHMILLS, 1 POINT KILBEGGAN)
    8) It’s Octomore, distilled by Bruichladdich and the current peat specification is at 169ppm. Although some people do get their knickers in a twist about just exactly how you measure peating levels in barley. Go see Andrew Jefford’s wonderful book on Islay “Peat Smoke and Spirit” (1 POINT FOR EITHER BRUICHLADDICH OR OCTOMORE AND A PAT ON THE BACK IF YOU GOT THE CURRENT PPM CORRECT. IT’S BOUND TO CHANGE)
    9) That’s Deanston. (1 POINT)
    10) Heaven Hill. (1 POINT)
    Have a look at the Youtube video of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOWHGdP14lY
    11) The pagoda roof is the answer I’m looking for. That’s the funny looking chimney bit for drying the malt. He did do a far amount of other stuff to do with distilleries though. (1 POINT)
    12) 250 litres (1 POINT)
    13) Ardbeg. That’s Ardbeg. It’s part of an experiment to see how zero gravity affects whisky maturation. Not sure how the “Angels Share” bit actually works.. over to you Dr Lumsden. (1 POINT)
    14) Sweden, and jolly good stuff it is too, (1 POINT)
    15) Ohh. That’s a bit naughty as Glenfiddich did in 1887 and then so did Girvan (owned by William Grant) in 1963. If you got both those then you’re well a whisky spod. (A POINT FOR EACH)
    16) That will be Highland Park and then Scapa (A POINT FOR EACH – 2 POINTS MAX)
    17) Whisky and Ginger Wine (1 POINT)
    18) They call it “White Dog” – I like that name! (1 POINT)
    19) Isle of Skye. (1 POINT)
    20) Mostly 63.5% abv although some fill at 68.5% (especially when quality casks were in short supply) and Bruichladdich fill at whatever strength it comes off at the still in some cases (1 POINT FOR ANY OF THESE ANSWERS)
    21) er…. this is WhiskySheffield. What do you think the answer will be?? (1 POINT FOR SHEFFIELD. SUBTRACT 10 POINTS FOR ANY ANSWER OTHER THAN SHEFFIELD).


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