Welcome to the Sheffield Whisky Society. We’ve created the Society in order to to share our love of whisky, to swap whisky experiences, chat about our favourite drams and to meet up and generally have a good time.

The Society has a number of aims. For the public it’s a fantastic way to meet up, share and expand their whisky knowledge and to talk about their favourite drams. We aim to create a whisky community in Sheffield. So for the newcomer to whisky we hope to be a fun and helpful resource of information as you discover which types and styles of whisky you like and for the whisky buff we hope to provide a little more detail through our shared collective knowledge.

For the trade, such as pubs, bars and shops it’s a great way of letting people know about the events you are running, new whiskies you may have in stock, special offers or deals and to engage the public in all things whisky. For the pub or club looking to expand it’s whisky range we hope to be a valuable tool in showing the opinion of Sheffield’s whisky drinkers

In addition, the Society also aims to promote Sheffield itself. Sheffield has a fantastic reputation for real ale and some of the finest pubs in the country. We’d like to expand that to include Sheffield being a destination to enjoy whisky too and to let people outside of the city know what we are up to.

As the membership grows and the Society becomes more active we aim to put on larger scale activities. These include social evenings, Society tasting events, presentations from guest speakers and organising a Sheffield Whisky Festival. Further aims include organising visits to distilleries, trips to whisky shows and events around the country and production of a Sheffield Whisky magazine. Finally we aim to organise members owning part shares in maturing casks of whisky and even bottling casks to have our own Sheffield Whisky Society line.


2 Responses to About

  1. Jean Wright says:

    On clearing the posessionsof a recently deceased friend( I am the executor) I came across a bottle of Glen Grant Whisky – Pure Highland Malt -Bonded in 1926 with the name” Hay & Son Ltd Sheffield”.Before offering this to Bonhams for auction I wondered if it would be of special interest to your society.
    I live in Mansfield Nottinghamshire
    Jean Wright

    • Hi Jean. Thanks for your email. The bottle would be very much of interest to the society. Although we probably wouldn’t have the funds to purchase it at this time we would love to be able to research a little more about the provenance of the item and be able to tell its story, including how it came to be in the possession of your late friend. Many bottles from around this time would have been bottled by wine and whisky merchants like Hay & Son of Sheffield and so they have special interest from both local historians and people interested in old whiskies like ourselves. Our main interest would be in documenting the history of the bottle so if you have any photos or further information then we’d be able to write an article about it. There are a number of specialist whisky auctions and shops who may also be interested in purchasing this and we’d be happy to point you in the direction of a couple of them so you could get a good idea of it’s value. If there is anything else we can do to help then please let us know. I hope you have a pleasant New Year and hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks. Jeff

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