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Tasmanian Whisky and Overeem Single Malt.

“Tasmanian Whisky?” It feels a little like a Peter Kay “Garlic Bread” moment (1). I’m at the Whisky Lounge 2013 Liverpool WhiskyFest and am helping Toby and Jonah present Overeem Single Malt to the U.K. public for the very first … Continue reading

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Booze Video of the Day – Addicted to Pleasure: Whisky

Originally posted on It's just the booze dancing…:
At around 1AM last night I stumbled upon the whisky episode of a four part documentary series produced by the BBC called Addicted to Pleasure which was hosted by the Professor…

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Why I don’t write tasting notes and to contradict that, here’s some tasting notes!

Generally I don’t post tasting notes on whisky. The reason is that, first, there are lots of other people doing it already. Second, no two tasting notes ever sound the same. You could get a whole set of tasting notes … Continue reading

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Stop And Smell The Whisky: The Full Story of How Brenne Came to Be

Originally posted on The Whisky Woman:
The title of this post could go in a few different directions, however, today it encapsulates the reflective feeling I have over these last few years and the birth of Brenne. Stop and smell…

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A rare Glen Grant bottled by Hay & Son, Sheffield

We take it for granted these days that a distillery (in the main) makes a load of whisky, a big chunk of which is sold off to other companies to go into blended whisky (thus providing a healthy revenue stream … Continue reading

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Science and Whisky! Does caramel coloring make a difference?

Originally posted on What Tastes Good:
Adding E150a to a glass of water, one drop at a time. Single malt Scotch whisky comes in a beautiful range of colors: warm goldenrod, deep russet, bright dandelion. Thanks to the variety of…

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Oban distillery.

A little while back I got round to visiting the Oban distillery. Sadly I didn’t have time to go on the extended tasting tour as this was just a stopping point on our journey further north. ¬†Anyway…. A peaceful sunset … Continue reading

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