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Why I don’t write tasting notes and to contradict that, here’s some tasting notes!

Generally I don’t post tasting notes on whisky. The reason is that, first, there are lots of other people doing it already. Second, no two tasting notes ever sound the same. You could get a whole set of tasting notes … Continue reading

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A rare Glen Grant bottled by Hay & Son, Sheffield

We take it for granted these days that a distillery (in the main) makes a load of whisky, a big chunk of which is sold off to other companies to go into blended whisky (thus providing a healthy revenue stream … Continue reading

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Shackleton’s Whisky

The early 1900s was an age of pioneering discovery and adventure. No where is this more evident than the exploration of Antarctica and attempts to reach the South Pole. Scott tried first in 1902 and then Shackleton five years later … Continue reading

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America on Single Malt

We’ve had some really interesting feedback from one of our articles about what constitutes a single malt. One of our last articles here was basically raising a point about residue left over from previous casks. Essentially if distillery A buys … Continue reading

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Bere Barley

With over 340 varieties of barley listed on the Scottish Barley database¬†(1) and probably over 100,000 varieties worldwide¬†you’d think there would be plenty of variation in the different types that distillers would use. Well what distillers (or accountants) are really … Continue reading

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An interesting question.

Here’s a little question that I’m going to pose and maybe you can all have a think about. It’s not meant to taken too seriously but hopefully you’ll have a think about it and discuss it with your friends. Talking … Continue reading

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Whisky Bottle variation

Is your bottle of single malt the same as my bottle of single malt? Essentially the idea is to make a single malt that is consistent from bottle to bottle. So the bottle that you bought earlier this year should … Continue reading

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