Whisky Blogs

There’s a fair amount of information out there on the internet about whisky. From amateur enthusiasts to professional writers there are a number of blogs and websites varying in style and quality. There are a few that we like to read, ones that are either packed full of information or have interesting view points. Here’s just a few (in no particular order):

Nonjatta has to be one of my favourite sites. Edited by Chris Bunting with the help of a host of contributors it’s the essential reference tool for finding out about all things concerning Japanese whisky. Great for drooling over bottles that you’ll probably never get a chance to see in real life let alone taste! Chris has also written a book about Japanese drinking culture which is well worth a read. http://nonjatta.blogspot.co.uk/

Essentially not a blog but the biggest and the best online Whisky magazine is the World Whisky Review. Edited by Dominic Roskrow and essential articles about all aspects of Whisky and Whisky from around the World. http://www.connosr.com/worldwhiskyreview/

Dominic has his own blog though – Dominic Roskrow’s Blog – which is always packed full of interesting stuff to read. http://thewhiskytastingclub.co.uk/Blogs/domblog/

I really like the Miss Whisky blog. It’s written from a women’s perspective and so features some great interviews with a lot of the leading women in the whisky industry. Insightful and well written. There’s also features on distilleries and various whisky expressions too. http://misswhisky.com/

Most whisky blogs are going to review whisky. So if you can do it in an entertaining, well written and well presented way then that’s all good. Caskstrength does this in abundance and then also manages to throw in a good dose of humour, some irrelevant tangents and then bring it fluidly all back together with laid back ease and panache. Fantastic fun, which is what drinking whisky should be about really. Blogging since 2008 and one of the best. http://caskstrength.blogspot.co.uk

Steve Rush has been writing thewhiskywire since 2010 and runs a interesting tasting session by hosting it across twitter. He’ll post out the samples and then at the appointed time everyone involved logs on to twitter, cracks open their drams and then exchange their views – tweet tastings they are called. An interesting and fun concept. There’s also whisky reviews, industry expert interviews and competitions too. http://www.thewhiskywire.com.

Dave Worthington bought his first bottle of whisky at 47 and hasn’t looked back since. Whisky, a Voyage of Discovery is a lovely and honest blog about Dave’s whisky journey, describing and reviewing the drams he tries and one’s he’s looking forward to and numbering them along the way. Dave is also prolific on twitter too. http://whisky-discovery.blogspot.co.uk

Another couple of good looking and well written whisky sites are Living Room Whisky and Whisky For Everyone with the usual whisky reviews and whisky news. As is Steve’s Somerset Whisky Blog with a plethora of bottle reviews and interesting articles. http://www.somersetwhisky.com/

One of my favourite blogs is concerned with the science behind whisky making. Appropriately called Whisky Science it has detailed articles on topics like distillation and fermentation from a scientific perspective. It makes a refreshing change from most whisky-review sites so if lactic acid bacteria or evolution of yeast strains is your kind of thing I can’t recommend this enough. http://whiskyscience.blogspot.co.uk


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